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  $200,000 bail for Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Shadi Sadr
Date: 03/16/2007   

Meydan –Bail is issued at $200,000 for Shadi Sadr and Mahboubeh Abbasgholizade, Sadr and Abbasgholizadeh told their families on a phone call yesterday.
Last night, while Abbasgholizadeh’s office, Nongovernmental Organizations Training Center, and Sadr’s office, Raahi Legal Center, were being shut down, Abbasgholizadeh finally talked to her daughters Maryam and Mohaya and informed them about her physical health and the $200,000 bail.
The bail should be in the form of a property worth $200,000 and the relatives of none of these women’s activists can afford it. Since Iran’s New Year starts within a few days and all offices and business, including the courts, will be closed, it is questionable that such an expensive bail is issued in such an impossible time. It seems Sadr and Abbasgholizadeh would not have the chance to spend the New Year with their families, and should stay in rison if they don’t provide the bail.
Currently, the families of these two activists are working hard to provide the expensive bail.
Farideh Gheyrat, their attorney, said she will talk to the cases’ officer early Saturday morning to ask for a discount in the bails’ amount.