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  Two-minute telephone conversation of Sahdi Sadr with her family – No news about Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh
Date: 03/12/2007   

Shadi's Darya is crying for her mother
Meydaan: Finally Shadi Sadr managed to talk less than two minutes with her daughter "Darya". Sahdi's seven-year old girl, Darya has not heard of her mother during the last week and this evening she talked to her less than two minutes. Sadr Also talked about half a minute to her husband "Hossein Nilchian" After an emotional conversation with her mother, Darya cried almost one and a half hour after the telephone. During these two days of holidays, Darya has spent her time in the house of Asiyeh Amini with her daughter "Ava". Asiyeh is also one of those who were released couple of days ago.
Asiyeh Amini recalls Darya crying and she starts crying herself and says: "Darya was crying so hard that nothing could calm her. She wouldn't stop no matter how hard we tried. One of our friends who had come to see her was disappointed and left."
Asiyeh Amini says: "In a few seconds that I had during the telephone conversation I wanted to tell Shadi that she doesn’t need to worry but it ended while we were chocked with tears."
This has been the only telephone conversation of Shadi with her daughter. During the last week that we had not heard of Shadi, Darys who is a self-contained girl was silent. She sits long hours in a corner and gazes. Others have told her that her mother Shadi has left for a very urgent trip. She is familiar with her mothers short and long term trips but every time her mother used to prepare her for her trips. She would start talking about her trip long before she left, but this time Darya can't believe that her mother has gone to a trip since she had said goodbye early in the morning and in the afternoon her mother has not been waiting for her.
Shadi's relatives say that although they have tried to fill her place for her daughter but she has fallen in her lessons and she continuously tells her grandparents, who are now living with them, that she has missed her mother.
Hossein Nilchian, Shadi's husband, is not in a good mood these days. He has only been able to talk to Shadi for less than two minutes. This afternoon, when Shadi called, she had greeted Hossein and her mother shortly and has asked to talk to Darya. Hossein has heard from her that she and Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh are fine.
But Hossein is worried about Shadi since during her previous telephone conversation she had told that she in solitary confinement. Shadi suffers castrodynia and there is not concrete news about her. Especially that she has mentioned that they will not be released soon. During her previous very short conversation, which was less than a minute, she has given 6 names and wanted their lawyers to go to Evin prison to accept their files.
Shadi Sadr, who is a judiciary attorney, has been arrested along with her client who had a court trial the very same day, on Sunday, Esfand 13.
No news from Mahboubeh
On the other hand there is no news about Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh. She has not even contacted her family during the last week. Her daughters, Maryam and Mahya, are very worried for her. Their efforts of gaining news about their mother has failed. Even in Evin prison they don't accept her personal stuff that her daughters take. Everybody says that Mahboubeh is in solitary confinement, but there is no concrete and accurate news about her. Her daughters don't know who they can gain any news about their mother. Their presence and referral to Evin prison and Revolutionary Court have failed.