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  Final Statement of "Women's Site" Celebration: River Can't be Imprisoned
Date: 03/09/2007   

8 of March has arrived but we have our friends in prison so that we keep silence and don't flow. Is it possible to keep river, rainbow, voice and thought in prison?
8 of March has arrived and the shout of "woman" finds a ray to shine and the light passes through and life goes on.
Woman doesn't want to be body; she wants to be a citizen of her country. She wants to be a word- it seems they don't want. Those, who violate her presence and imprison her cry.
But a woman never plays this dark game and never loses public spheres to declare her demands on the International Day for Women.
If today a group of women's movement activists are imprisoned at Evin Prison, their voices comes out of other throats and reflect.
If today, nation's house is not a peaceful place for our presence, we will choose an alternative path.

Nothing to worry about! We won't divide. We will multiply and we will celebrate in other ceremonies the International Day for Women and will make a river of our voices. We will sing and flow in life's vessels.

We celebrate and remember 8 of March in hundreds of gatherings and groups to register our voice, "Only the voice remains".
We will lighten up Iran with every single candle lit to celebrate the birthday of Women's Day.

Yalda irani
Sarvenaz Irani
Nahid Entesarie
Shahla Entesarie
Farideh Entesarie
Fatemeh Aminzadeh
Maryam Ommy
Arefeh Elyasie
Kiyana Manie
Nasrin Afzalie
Hamid Biazar
Forough Biazar
Azam Khatam
Parvin Jalayee
Parastoo Dokouhakie
Ali Seyed Abadi
Leila Farhadpour
Fatemeh Farhangkhah
Gisoo Faghfourie
Javad Alavie
Sharareh Abdie
Neda Abdolvand
Nazanin Kianie Fard
Sarah Laghaie
Saghi Laghaie
Shahram Mossayebie
Sahar Maranlou
Minoo Mortazie Langeroudie
Rezvan Mogaddam
Mahnaz Mohammadie
Firouzeh Mohajer
Rouzbeh Mircharkhchian
Zahra Minouyee
Nima Namdarie
Homa Hoodfar
Soheila Vahdatie
Monavar Yousefpour